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Most of us think of cabinets as boxes that are permanently fixed to the wall in our kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. In this blog, I will share some reasons to consider using cabinets to create furniture-style pieces.


You may be asking what is the benefit of using cabinets to create furniture pieces? For one thing, you will have more finish options to match the cabinets in your home. In addition to the paint, stain, and glaze choices for cabinets, distressing options are also available such as softened corners, rub through, or worm holing.


These matching linen cabinets offer symmetry and much-needed storage cabinets in the bathroom, preventing a full bathroom remodel. The bun feet of the cabinets coordinate with the shape of the legs on the sink. Pairing the distressed finish of the cabinets and the old-fashioned style of the floor tile adds character to this space.

Statement Pieces

You may want a statement piece such as a china hutch or wine bar. This wine bar features glass doors, flush toe kicks, and crown mold. Glass doors are a versatile feature because they offer a variety of options including frosted and textured. This design option adds interest and texture. Not to mention, when placed alongside solid doors, glass doors present a visual break. Incorporating glass into a design will make the space seem larger and brighter. Notice how the lights behind these frosted glass doors bring warmth to the room.

The china hutch shown below was created with wall cabinets in varied heights and depths. This customization is visually pleasing. Adding crown mold to any piece offers detail with a high-end look.

Custom Cabinets for a Custom Fit
You are more likely to get exactly the size you need when creating a desk or bookcase, for example. Plus you will have a piece that looks like fine furniture while having the advantages of cabinetry attachments such as pull out trays.

A Leg Up
Time for some fancy footwork! Let’s look at the options for base cabinets that help create the look of furniture. Options for Furniture Feet are available on base cabinets. I’ve shown two of them below. The Tapered Foot carries on the clean lines of the cabinet doors. On the other hand (or should I say, foot), The Pedestal Corner Foot offers a more whimsical feel.

A cabinet’s toe kick is the recessed space at the bottom of a base cabinet. It allows your foot to rest underneath the cabinet when you are standing in front of it. This is great for task-oriented areas in kitchens or at vanities. However, when you want your cabinets to look and feel like furniture, the flush or valence toe kicks are better options.

The flush toe kick goes straight to the floor with a place for molding to be attached. The Valence option has a specially cut space at the base of the cabinet that opens it up, allowing you to stand comfortably in front of the cabinet. The flush toe kick and the base molding gives this kitchen island a solid look while the bookcase offers a deliberate, built-in look. Notice the cabinets on the opposite wall have a recessed toe kick.

Turned posts can be decorative as in the picture of the kitchen sink base below. Not only do the posts create a focal point, but they give the sink base a custom look. Turned posts, also referred to as legs, can extend the workspace of a kitchen island giving it the appearance and function of a table.

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