Bathroom Remodel & Repairs often leaves you asking, “Should I Reface or Replace my Bathroom Cabinets?”

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The functionality and appearance of your bathroom remodel will have a major effect on your enjoyment of your home. This is a room you and every person in your household visits multiple times every day. It’s where we brush our teeth and take showers. There are multiple uses for this room so it needs to be adaptable yet appealing.  

This leads many people to look into a custom bathroom remodel. This could include updating, replacing, or refurbishing the various aspects of the room. And an aspect of the room that impacts the functionality of the space are the cabinets. 

Do you have an under-the-sink cabinet? Or perhaps a towel cabinet? Whatever your particular situation, there are many ways cabinets and storage will affect your bathroom remodel. Let’s look into the considerations that should be kept in mind when addressing your bathroom cabinets

  • Should I Keep or Replace Bathroom Cabinets During a Bathroom Remodel?
  • When Remodeling a Bathroom, What Do I Need To Consider?
  • Does Refurbishing Cabinets Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel?
  • Who To Hire For A Bathroom Remodel?
  • When Is The Best Time For A Bathroom Remodel?
  • How New Cabinets Can Affect Your Bathroom Remodel 


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Should I Keep or Replace Bathroom Cabinets During a Bathroom Remodel?

The first thing you’ll have to decide is if you want to swap out your current bathroom cabinets for new units. Ask yourself if your current cabinets have ever left you frustrated or in need of more space.   

On the other hand, are there cabinets that you don’t find yourself using? It’s quite possible to have more storage space than you actually need. This gives you the opportunity to clear up some more space during your custom bathroom remodel. 

Aside from storage needs, how do you feel about the general aesthetics of your cabinets? Is the design outdated? Are they in poor condition? The existence of extensive damage can be enough reason to replace your current cabinets even if they fit your storage needs. 


When Remodeling a Bathroom, What Do I Need To Consider?

The general size of the bathroom cabinets is the number one consideration when looking into replacements. Will they fit in the footprint of your previous units? And if you’ve decided to pare down your cabinets, will they be able to fit everything you need to store inside of them? 

Once that’s taken care of, take your bathroom as a whole. What colors will you be introducing in your custom bathroom remodel? Keep this in mind when determining the color and material to be included for your new cabinets.  

You want to portray a unified theme throughout your completed bathroom, and everything down to the handles on your cabinets will play a role in this. 


Does Refurbishing Cabinets Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel?

A complete replacement isn’t always necessary if your cabinets are in good condition and fit your storage needs. Your current cabinets can be included in your custom bathroom remodel with a little bit of effort, while saving you money. 

Removing and cleaning or replacing the hardware on your cabinets can give the whole unit a refreshed look. This includes the handles on the doors and drawers, as well as the hinges. Paint them to match your new color scheme to present a unified theme throughout your bathroom.  

The cabinet itself can be painted as well. Simply remove the doors and drawers, tape off any adjoining corners or edges, and choose your favorite color. 


Who To Hire For A Bathroom Remodel?

A full replacement is a sure-fire way to reinvigorate your bathroom. By Design Cabinetry offers consultations on design and potential replacement models for your bathroom cabinets at no charge.  

The design phase comes next to provide the perfect cabinet for your custom bathroom remodel. This includes the size of the unit as well as the look. 

Additionally, there are online bathroom remodel designs and ideas to consider.

Replacing the cabinetry yourself is definitely an option, but something this extensive can benefit from the attention of a professional. You don’t want to accidentally mount your cabinets incorrectly and have them pull away from your walls once you load in your towel and toiletries. 


When Is The Best Time For A Bathroom Remodel?

It can be troubling to act on a full replacement by yourself, especially when you’re unsure of how to go about the remodeling process. If you’re considering hiring a professional in the Spring Hill or Franklin, TN areas, you’ll find that the perfect time for a bathroom remodel is in late spring or early summer, between the months of May through September.

The beautiful weather will help contractors to work quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our professional installation so you have everything you need for your bathroom remodel!


How New Cabinets Can Affect Your Bathroom Remodel 

New cabinets breathe fresh life into a custom bathroom remodel. They affect not only the aesthetic look of your bathroom but they have a direct effect on the functionality of the space as well.  

Nobody likes to run out of storage space. And the bathroom is one area that necessitates a level of storage. Whether you’re stocking toilet paper, towels, or toiletries, you want to be sure you have enough on-hand to complete your task. And cabinets that provide this service while looking great compounds their attractiveness. 


Have More Questions About Your Bathroom Remodel? 

A custom bathroom remodel takes a lot of vision, expertise, and realistic options. Anybody can take the time to compile this information and make informed choices, but the reality is that many of us don’t have the available time. 

This is where By Design Cabinetry comes in. We can help you put together a plan to get the most from your space, and love the way it looks when it’s finished. This can take the form of assisting in the planning, sourcing your materials, installing the products, or a combination of the three. 


Are you ready to get your bathroom into proper shape? 

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