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How to Create an Efficient Home Office with Cabinets

Designing an efficient home office isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here are 7 tips for creating a productive space including how custom cabinets can help. 2020 has brought a wide variety of changes to the way we operate throughout our daily lives. One of the main changes is the amount of time many people are spending at home due to the closures of restaurants, retail stores, and more.

Another major difference is the frequency with which businesses are shifting their operations out of office buildings. Remote work has increased dramatically since early in the year. And even though cities are beginning to open back up, many workers have expressed a desire to continue working from home.

However, as many people have learned, there are benefits to utilizing certain measures of structure, even when working from home. Not all home offices are conducive to a productive workday.

7 Tips To A Productive Home Office With Custom Cabinets

  1. Identify a Purpose
  2. Designate a Workspace
  3. Give Yourself the Proper Tools
  4. Consider the Aesthetics
  5. Remove Distractions
  6. Make It Comfortable, but Not Too Comfortable
  7. Find Custom Cabinets for Secure Storage



Identify a Purpose 

Home offices with Custom Cabinets can serve many different purposes. Some people may need a fully-equipped office to meet with clients. Others might only need a studio or hobby room. And those with kids in school are going to need a place for them to study, or possibly even hold at-home, online lessons until schools are able to safely open back up. 

And others might simply need a place to arrange their bills, plan a grocery list, or catch up on social media. Recognizing the purpose of your home office will guide the rest of your decisions. 

Home office, find custom cabinets in Spring Hill, TN and Franklin, TN, cabinets for all areas of your home at By Design Cabinetry.

Find the Space 

Identify an area in your home to be used as an office. Dedicate this space to work. A spare room can be outfitted to satisfy all the necessary needs for a productive workspace. However, not everybody has adequate space to set aside a complete room to act as a dedicated office. 

That’s okay. Creating a workspace in your home is easier than you might think. 

First, think of any unused space in your home, or a space that can serve a dual purpose. For example, a guest bedroom can double as a home office during the day.

A desk in the corner of a room can be outfitted with the essentials. 


Give Yourself the Proper Tools 

Every home office has four basic necessities: 

  1. Desk 
  2. Chair 
  3. Storage 
  4. Light 

These four components will provide everything you need to focus on the task at hand. This list, however, can be expanded to fit your particular workload. For example, do you need to take a lot of notes? Give yourself a box of pens and multiple notepads. 

Custom cabinets can be tailored to your particular workspace and storage to ensure you stay organized. Remember, this area essentially needs to be separated from the rest of the house. This means you should keep all of your work documents, tools, and necessities in a singular location. 


Home office, find custom cabinets in Franklin and Spring Hill, TN, cabinets for all areas of your home at By Design Cabinetry.


Consider the Aesthetics 

We work better in pleasant areas. It might be tempting to set a desk up in a closet if it’s your only solitary area, but it won’t create an enjoyable work environment.  

Take the time to make your home office nice. Add a plant. Try to set your area up near a source of natural light. Don’t surround yourself with harsh colors. 

A good-looking area sets our brains at ease and makes it easier to focus on our work. 

Remove Distractions 

Part of designating an area as your home office means getting rid of anything that will get in the way of productivity.  

  • Either set your office up in an area that doesn’t have access to a television or remove an adjacent TV. 
  • Try to find an area with a door that can be closed, or tell housemates not to disturb you while you work. 
  • If you don’t need your phone for work, place it out of reach to avoid being tempted to check it. 


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Make It Comfortable, but Not Too Comfortable 

Spending a lot of time in an uncomfortable chair can lead to some very real health issues. Be sure your back is supported and you keep proper posture. 

Working from home might seem like a great opportunity to stay in bed all day while trying to work on your computer. However, being too comfortable can take your attention away from your work. 

Dedicating an area of your house to work allows you to focus on remaining equally efficient — if not more efficient — when compared to being in the office. 

The ideal home office temperature is also important to productivity. A difference of just a few degrees on the thermostat can have a significant impact on how focused you are. Therefore, it’s helpful to ensure your HVAC system makes your home office as comfortable as your old office.


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Install Custom Cabinets for Secure Storage 

Outfitting an area of your home for a new purpose can be difficult. The essential elements of an efficient home office don’t always fit where you’d like them to go. However, custom cabinets can be a huge asset in creating a productive work environment.  

We can’t be sure when things will get back to normal, if ever. Custom cabinets can be the difference between simply getting by until the office opens back up, and putting out quality work at home. 

Whether you are planning a custom kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or a new home office, By Design Cabinetry has you covered! We proudly serve Franklin, TN, Spring Hill, Columbia, Cool Springs, Brentwood, and Nashville, TN. 

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Originally published Aug 31, 2017, updated September 16, 2020