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Thanks to the advances in technology, home offices are rising in popularity.  According to an article on, approximately 30 million people report working from home at least one day a week. That number is expected to increase 63% by 2018.

Find Your Purpose
Home offices serve different purposes according to your needs.  You may need a fully equipped office (possibly with a place to meet clients); maybe a studio or hobby room fits the bill for you. If your kids are school-aged, your priority may be for them to have a place to study and work on school projects. Perhaps you simply need a space for paying bills, catching up on your social media, or planning a grocery list.  Whatever the purpose of your home office, here are some tips for creating and defining an efficient space.

Find the Space

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your home that can be a dedicated home office, you can skip this step. If not, don’t worry because creating a workspace in your home is easier than you might think. First, think of any unused space in your home, or a space that can serve a dual purpose. For example, a guest bedroom can double as a home office during the day. If you eat in the kitchen more often than in the dining room, consider turning this room into a dual-purpose space. A closet can even be turned into a workstation that can be closed when you are done working.  Combining a craft room with an office space is ideal because both benefit from lots of natural light and a large working table. The space you choose will need to be away from foot traffic or other household activities that could hinder your productivity and/or creativity. Lighting is also something you will want to consider. Natural light, when possible, is the best.

Home office, find custom cabinets in Spring Hill, TN and Franklin, TN, cabinets for all areas of your home at By Design Cabinetry.Home office, find custom cabinets in Franklin and Spring Hill, TN, cabinets for all areas of your home at By Design Cabinetry.

Essentials for Every Home Office
Every home office- no matter the location or size- has four basic necessities: desk, chair, storage, and light. Workstations that are designed specifically for the intended space are ideal because you can customize the available space for the storage you need. Plus, they provide a built-in look.  Make sure your chair is comfortable, and that it’s the right height for the desk or table you will be using. Ensure there is ample room to accommodate the equipment needed for your home office. Shelves, drawers, and cabinets with doors are a must for storing different types of office supplies and equipment. Free standing storage cabinets are good options because they can be easily rearranged if necessary.  Remember, natural light is best for your office space. However, you will want to supplement as needed, with ambient and task lighting. Overhead lighting is necessary, but you don’t want to work in your own shadow! A good desk lamp will give you light exactly where you need it, and it will help prevent eye strain.

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The Color of Success

Colors stimulate our brains, and we react emotionally to them. For instance, blue or green has a soothing, relaxing effect; and yellow makes us feel happy.  Orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity, and success.  It is a ‘yang’ color that kindles focus, concentration, and organization. It seems like a no-brainer for the color of your new home office or work space. If orange is too bold for you, try something more ‘peachy’, or even a warm gold hue will have the same effect. If that’s still too intimidating, use pops of orange in a more neutral setting.

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