All About the Bling

Not only is cabinet hardware stylish; it has a function.  It protects the finish on your cabinets from chipping and smudging caused by daily wear-and-tear of opening and closing doors and drawers. Just think of the grimy build-up from bare hands repeatedly touching the cabinets in the same place. Who wants that?

The cabinet hardware you choose will determine the overall style of the kitchen- or help offer a contrasting style if you are going for a more transitional feel. Changing the hardware can dramatically change the look of the cabinets much like changing your jewelry and accessories can change the style of your outfit. 

You can see in the pictures below how different hardware gives a different feel to the same cabinet door style.  Cup pulls are at home in a country or cottage style kitchen. In contrast, the slim lines of the contemporary pulls complete the look of the modern or transitional kitchen.

Thorston Restoration & Construction


Here are some hardware collections by Jeffrey Alexander you can use to accomplish different styles.




Key Grande










Heavy Metal

Ready or not, brass is back! Its rise in popularity, in part, may be due to the fact that it's been out of style for about the last twenty years; and now it seems new again.  On the other hand, it may have something to do with the reality that dark colored cabinets like grey, navy blue, and black have started trending. Brass hardware pairs well with the darker cabinets giving them an unexpected pop of color.  The warmth of the gold tone brass finish also brings a subtle yet stunning visual effect.

A good rule of thumb used to be to match the finish of your kitchen hardware to your faucet’s finish. That's a thing of the past. If you are feeling adventurous, try creating a blended space by mixing metals. In the pictures below, the combination of more than one metal adds warmth to the cool, white, monochromatic kitchens and keep them from looking and feeling clinical.

The Right Fit

Hardware is all about style and function. While it’s important to choose a hardware style you like, you also need to select a piece that fits your hand comfortably. Also, consider the distance between the cabinet surface and where your hand will be gripping the hardware. If the piece is too small for your hand, not only will you have difficulty opening the door or drawer, but the cabinet finish will begin to chip or fade where your hand touches it.  In addition, make sure there is ample room to install the piece you have chosen. For example, a cup pull may not fit on a five-piece drawer head like the one pictured here.

When replacing cabinet hardware, most people opt to use the existing holes. Otherwise, you will need to fill and refinish your cabinets first. There are two measurements available to you when purchasing hardware.  The overall length and the measurement (in millimeters) between the two holes will be displayed. The most popular sizes are 96 and 128 mm.

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